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Scientists Set Doomsday Clock to 100 Seconds to Midnight

globalcitizen (LINK)

McKinsey Destroyed the U.S. Middle Class with its gospel of making companies profitable

theatlantic (LINK)

How Fast Food Reveals Secrets of the Economy

The Pizza Principle, Waffle House index, Big Mac and KFC indices, Mars Bars, Baked Beans and Popcorn, plus French fries.

Originally published on 2 February 2017

BBC Future (LINK)

This Is What Happens When You Take 550 Doses of LSD At Once

For some, they can have a bizarrely beneficial effect. "It's a remarkably safe product. Its unusual," Haden said. "Albert Hofmann, [the first scientist to synthesize LSD in 1938], said it was one of the least toxic drugs on the planet and that kind of is consistent with David Nutts toxicity data. That's just another reason why it shouldnt be criminalized its remarkably non-toxic."

vice.com (LINK)

World Bank Handbook for Gender-Inclusive Urban Planning and Design

"Cities have historically been planned and designed for men and by men. They tend to reflect traditional gender roles and gendered division of labor. In general, cities work better for heterosexual, able-bodied, cisgender men than they do for women, girls, sexual and gender minorities, and people with disabilities."

worldbank (LINK)

As the global champion for women and girls, UN Women recognizes the importance of language in fighting gender bias and promotes the use of gender-inclusive language in all contexts and at all times. Gender-inclusive language refers to language that places both women and men at the same level, and which does not convey gender stereotypes.

Our searchable gender-inclusive lexicon below includes some 650 entries in English, French and Spanish. You can search it using the "Find a term" search, or alphabetically. Additional resources used by UN Women to ensure gender-inclusive language are available on the right menu.

unwomen (LINK)

Let's make sustainability a fashion statement

news.trust (LINK)

This is what happens when you get the coronavirus

technologyreview (LINK)

How much waste we each produce around the world

Switzerland is No. 2.

weforum (LINK)

Rebuilding Afghanistan has a high human cost, US agency says

apnews (LINK)

New trends in mine action

undp (LINK)

UNRWA Schools Promote UN Values

"UNRWA schools promote the UN values of tolerance and human rights, and empower children to enjoy and exercise their rights, uphold values, be proud of their Palestinian identity and contribute positively to their society."

unrwa video (LINK)

Meanwhile, in another world not so far from our own...

UNRWA ACG Media Speech, Geneva

"A few months ago UNRWA faced a different type of challenge, with allegations of misconduct that led to the departure of its top management. I want to reassure the international community that since then we have put the place in order and are in the process of putting in place a series of management initiatives that aim to make UNRWA a stronger, more transparent and yet more effective organization." — Acting Commissioner-General Christian Saunders

unrwa (LINK)

Barbados unveils one-stop investment guide

UNCTAD conceptualized online investment guides with the International Chamber of Commerce. They currently cover 36 countries — Barbados is the sixth in the Caribbean.

Besides Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao, Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines have iGuides, while St. Kitts as well as Turks and Caicos are currently working on theirs.

unctad (LINK)

Elephant, Great Indian bustard and Bengal florican on UN wildlife conservation list

telegraphindia (LINK)

Cognitive Architecture: Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment

The authors review new findings in psychology and neuroscience to help architects and planners better understand their clients as the sophisticated mammals they are, arriving in the world with built-in responses to the environment that have evolved over millennia.

routledge: (LINK)

UN high-level panel seeks solutions: Plight of internally displaced people

A high-level panel on internal displacement established by the U.N. Secretary-General in late 2019 said it will seek concrete long-term solutions to try to alleviate the plight of tens of millions of people internally displaced by conflict and natural disasters. U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has given the eight distinguished members of this high-level panel only one year to come up with a realistic plan to prevent displacement and mitigate its effects.

daily news sri lanka (LINK)

The big blue gap in the Green New Deal

grist (LINK)

Moi and the media: how Kenyan journalism suffered under his iron heel

The government was, as it remains today, the single largest advertiser for the media. Between 1988 and 1990 nearly 20 publications were banned. Their editors were either jailed, fined or forced into exile.

theconversation.com (LINK)

Burial of Daniel arap Moi recalls complicated legacy of Kenyan leader

dw.com (LINK)

Who are those wanted by the ICC over Darfur?

aljazeera (LINK)

New Research Rewrites the Demise of Easter Island

Yet another spate of evidence suggests the Rapa Nui people were going strong long after Europeans first arrived in 1722.

smithsonianmag (LINK)

MIT: No, there is no evidence that cell phones give you cancer

technologyreview (LINK)

SeaWorld settles investors' lawsuit over orca documentary

apnews (LINK)

Japanese Govt plans to apply for Unesco heritage for sake brewing

elevenmanmar (LINK)

The legal framework for environmental protection during armed conflict

"This research aims to raise awareness of the fact that damage to the environment during armed conflict degrades the environment long after the period of the conflict, and most often extends beyond the limits of national territories and the present generation. The environment is crucial for ensuring enduring peace and sustainable development. There can be no durable peace if the environment that sustains livelihoods is damaged or destroyed."

codemint paywalled (LINK)

Female Genital Mutilation costs $1.4 billion annually: UN health agency

news.un (LINK)

WHO on the impact of e-cigarettes

"Evidence still inconclusive on full impact especially long term but the majority contain toxic chemicals including substances that can cause cancer."

uniindia (LINK)

IATA: Slower but Steady Growth in 2019

"Demand (revenue passenger kilometers or RPKs) rose by 4.2% compared to the full year of 2018. The 2019 result is a slowdown compared to 2018’s annual growth of 7.3% and marked the first year since the global financial crisis in 2009 with passenger demand below the long-term trend of around 5.5% annual growth."

iata (LINK)

IPU's Martin Chungong appointed Chair of International Gender Champions Global Board

International Gender Champions, founded in 2015, links over 400 leaders. In 2019 the IGC was selected as one of the ten winning projects for innovative global governance by the Paris Peace Forum.

ipu (LINK)

U.N. Chief Faces Internal Criticism Over Human Rights

Guterres is said to back down in the face of pressure from powerful member states.

foreign policy (LINK)

Post Davos: The Elite's New Climate Narrative Has Dangerous Flaws

"Microsoft's recent plan to go carbon negative by 2030 is a prime example of what it looks like to go halfway. While they've made great strides to clean up their supply chain, they're also empowering Oil & Gas Companies with new AI technology. In the era of climate change this contradiction can no longer be acceptable. Microsoft is talking about reducing emissions while partnering with Chevron to "generate new exploration opportunities and bring prospects to development more quickly". Author Indi Samarajiva rightfully asks, "What's the point of reducing emissions in your supply chain if it just leads to massive emissions by your customers?"

medium (LINK)

Joe Lubin: CBDCs and Supply Chain Defined Blockchain at Davos 2020

To launch this year's World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, Klaus Schwab warned: "People are revolting against the economic 'élites' they believe have betrayed them, and our efforts to keep global warming limited to 1.5C are falling dangerously short." These were striking words to hear from the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.

Joseph Lubin: Born 1964, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has founded and co-founded several companies including the Swiss-based EthSuisse, contributing heavily to Ethereum, the decentralized cryptocurrency platform. Lubin is founder of ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based software-production studio. As of February 2018, Forbes estimated Lubin's net worth in cryptocurrency to be between one and five billion dollars.

consensys (LINK)

Why poor people make poor decisions

thecorrespondent (LINK)

Are squids as smart as dogs?

medicalnewstoday (LINK)

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