16 of 17,000 terrorist deaths in 2013 were U.S.

According to the U.S. State Department, 9707 terrorist attacks took place worldwide in 2013. They caused more than 17,800 deaths and some 32,500 injuries. Among the deaths, 16 were U.S. citizens. Another 7 were injured, and 12 kidnapped.

These exclude the Boston marathon bombings where three U.S. citizens were killed and 264 were injured.

Most were living in Iraq, Afghanistan and similar danger zones.

In all, people kidnapped or taken hostage totalled 2990 in 2013, compared to 1280 in 2012.

"So perhaps we're waging a war on terror to protect citizens of other countries," suggests H. A. Goodman in a blog on Huffington Post updated 14 September 2014. "Let Iraqis fight ISIS,"


Huffington Post