Truthiness in the Democrats' first debate

By Peter Hulm

If you were as surprised as I was to hear Bernie Saunders declare that Afro-American youth unemployment is over 50%, you might want to check out PolitiFact's review of truthiness in the first Democratic Presidential hopefuls' debate on 13 October 2015.

According to Katie Saunders, in the Pulitzer Prize-winning project of the Tampa Bay Times, he should have said that over half African-American high-school grads are not in full-time jobs. For Hispanics, official figures put the percentage at 31.5% and 18.6%. Still pretty bad. Whites recorded a 13.9% official unemplyoment rate.

PolitiFact gives him a Half-True rating.

Hillary Clinton gets a Half-True rating for claiming she had not called the Trans-Pacific Partnership that she now opposes "the gold standard" in trade deals.

Her claim that Edward Snowden could have claimed protection as a whistle-blower is rated "Mainly False". The law wouldn't necessarily apply in his case because of the issues he raised, says Saunders.


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