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Sundays Are the Perfect Time to Buy the Bitcoin Dip, Data Shows8 August 2020
Shrimpy Machine Learning for Crypto Portfolio Management Case Study3 August 2020
How Not to Lose Your Cryptocurrency License in Estonia3 August 2020


North American Investors Vastly Favor Bitcoin Over Other Cryptocurrencies6 August 2020
Lost Bitcoin: 3.7 million Bitcoin are probably gone forever6 August 2020
$1 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Just Sent For a $4 Fee6 August 2020
European Union Selects IOTA as Prime Mover in Funding Projects6 August 2020


Co-founder of major crypto exit scam One Coin escapes 90-year jail term as plaintiffs decide to settle8 August 2020
The US travel management company CWT paid $4.5 million in a Bitcoin ransom attack3 August 2020
Federal Agents Arrest Suspected 17-Year-Old Twitter Hack 'Mastermind' in Florida1 August 2020


Bitcoin is Almost as Big as Bank of America8 August 2020
EOS Ecosystem Dies: High Costs And Community Fragmentation8 August 2020
Bitfinex Lists Cardano [ADA] After Increased Demand From The Crypto Community6 August 2020


10,000 Chinese blockchain firms established in 2020 alone8 August 2020
Kenya digital tax: users of crypto platforms to bear the brunt8 August 2020
Crypto Adoption Soars in Slovenia: Over 1,000 Locations Accept Cryptocurrencies8 August 2020
China Never Banned Bitcoin as Commodity, Beijing Arbitration Commission Explains2 August 2020
President Putin signs new bill to prohibit crypto payment in Russia by 20211 August 2020


Switzerland Confirms its Status of Crypto Nation Once Again6 August 2020


Coinsquare’s Leadership Forced Out After Wash Trading $5.5B22 July 2020

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