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Plastics: two terrible anniversaries of a silent killer, and an Australian dilemma

the plastic berg

It's 30 years since we first saw handy plastic bags in supermarkets, and 50 years since sandwiches first came wrapped in hygienic plastic. Australia is one of the latest countries to try to ban single-use bags. But it has been a long and difficult process. And is still not finished.

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From birth to ban: A history of the plastic shopping bag

Tyres and synthetic clothes 'big cause of microplastic pollution'

Cryptocurrency news

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Digital tools

A constantly updated guide to digital tools you may want to use:

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How professional fact-checkers work: it's not what teachers advise

Professional fact-checkers work quite differently from amateurs — using almost the opposite of advice given to students. For example, the first step to check on a site is to leave it.

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Renewables 'can cut energy CO2 emissions to zero'

Renewables could eliminate CO2 emissions from the energy sector by 2060, says the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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Bad news for WTO on protectionism

The G20 nations, self-proclaimed promoters of freer trade, have introduced unprecedented measures restricting trade and have seen"a notable rise in anti-trade rhetoric" since October 2015, the World Trade Organization notes in its latest monitoring report.

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Greenest deal ever? From an auto firm!

Business funding of public projects, including actions by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, has come under cold scrutiny lately. Are the ideological purists missing the story? Today, an auto company is underwriting a major international environmental project.

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